Inge Bos draws and paints on both paper and wooden panels. She works in series, taking her cue from her own writings and photograps or from the action of painting itself. Her wors emerge from structure, sometimes intentionally, sometimes as dictated by that wich already present: the grain of the wood.

When drawing on paper she'll start with an intial basis of vague shapes-ink spots that have been allowed to run. her drawings reveal in inky, Rorshachesque fundament. In her panels hoewever, she works with transparent oils and pigments. Figures present themselves from under transparent layers. So whereas in her drawings everything reamians visible, a panel will sometimes absorb an element of the painting into itself, creating a distanciation of the original image wherin the artist presence as such both literally and figuratively disappears.

Inge's work focuses on presence and environment-specific here and now. She makes photograps and sketches of landscapes, that she might identify structures in the interplay of dark and light. Structure evokes presence. presence defines structure. Presence and structure together inhabit the moment(the experience in itself), and evokes meomories, atavistic, collective memories, the experiencing of which sets the image in motion and alters reality.In this ontological revaeling, from first impression(slowly) to deeper layers, time allows realities to coverge and differentate, differtiate and converge, in an endless now-you-see-me-now-you-you-don't flickering between recognition and denial. Deifferentiation and convergence and therefor sighnificance-emerge through process of deceleration.

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